Barky's Bungalow was such a pleasurable experience for our aging labs, Nick and Drew. We were concerned about them having some anxiety in a new situation, but all apprehension was quickly erased during our initial "meet and greet" time. Nick and Drew enjoyed exploring their new surroundings while Michele took the time to get to know us. She asked all the right questions to become familiar with our dogs and their behaviors. We went on vacation with complete trust that Nick and Drew were in good hands! After their stay, Michele described some of Nick and Drew's unusual habits that only someone who gave them a lot of attention would know. Not only did Nick and Drew feel completely at ease at Barky's Bungalow, but Michele made me feel that our dogs were very special. We know they received tons of TLC and that Michele and her family really care about the dogs coming into their home. Barky's Bungalow certainly goes the extra mile and is the absolute best alternative to home that Nick and Drew have ever experienced!

James & Valerie Fanshier

Abby had a wonderful stay at Barky's Bungalow! As pet owners, we were happy our dog was in a safe and loving home. Abby had a very large backyard to explore and children were an extra treat to have someone to throw the ball for her to retrieve. Abby probably got too comfortable there but it was just like home. We were extremely happy with all the accommodations. We would recommend Barky's Bungalow to any pet owner who wants a real home instead of a concrete kennel.

Thank you,
Barry and Phyllis Ikemoto

Bridget was a rescue dog and is very sensitive to being placed outside of our home, but being at Barky's Bungalow really was like an extension of home for her. The setting is perfect with the big, beautiful backyard and a very comfortable house where everyone made her feel at home. I could instantly see that she would be fine and when I came to pick her up, she barely wanted to leave! Michele takes care of the dogs like they are her own and that makes me feel happy and confident to leave my beloved dog with her anytime.

Annee Zalkind

We just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with the "vacation" Vinnie and Ginger had. Their holiday was at least as much fun as ours was. In fact, their accommodations were even better. We just can't imagine there being a better place for our pets. The care and affection they received was second to none. It was such a relief knowing they were so well cared for. After meeting you and your family we did not have a moment of concern about their wellbeing. We're sure that as soon as the pet owners in Placer and El Dorado counties find out about you, we'll have to make arrangements far in advance. Looking forward to next time.

Carol and Jerry Scheinberg

Our owners, Cyndy and Ed sent my little sister, Dixie and I, on a wonderful vacation. Each morning started with a beautiful scenic run of El Dorado Hills with Michele, followed by breakfast, lots of love and attention from a lovely family and a nice long nap. Dixie and I very much enjoyed exploring, running and sniffing around their large dog-friendly backyard, and especially looked forward to our evening dip in the swimming pool. We look forward to our next stay at Barky's Bungalow!

Woof Woof,
Mandy and Dixie

Barky's Bungalow provided such a loving environment for Maddie. After meeting Michele and her family, even after just a few short minutes, I felt completely confident that Maddie would be safe and loved. She was so happy there, with a wonderful yard filled with lizards for her hunting pleasure. It is, afterall, her full time job. Someone has to keep the lizard population under control! I know she enjoyed the daily walks and those 3 adorable daughters! I know Maddie is looking forward to us going away again, so she can go back to Barky's Bungalow!!

Thank you,
Kelley Wrba

Sassy "Boo" is our Bichon Frise, our Family Dog for 12 years. Needless to say, she is an "Old Person" now with many special needs. Sending her to a Kennel is no longer an option because she has often returned back depressed for days afterwards. By God's great guidance, my wife told me about "Barky's Bungalow". When we made our first visit, Michele and her family welcomed us and Sassy into her home. She spent time and asked all the right questions, making sure we did not leave until we were comfortable. We knew we would be leaving Sassy in caring hands.

When we saw Sassy for the first time after our trip, we could tell she was well taken care of. She seemed so comfortable and it was clear she almost did not want to leave. Michele took photos during her stay and we could see the care, love and attention she received. Let me say we have never seen this level of care, and if taking your pet to a kennel is not an option, we highly recommend "Barky's Bungalow".

Dr. Anthony and Mrs. Claire Retodo

We pet owners have learned to understand our dog's language. We asked Jennie, our golden retriever what she thought about her recent stay at Barky's Bungalow.

She said, "I don't do kennels but I love Barky's Bungalow. It's like a sleep over with a family who loves to have you there, kids to play with, Mom and Dad to walk and talk to you, and some great 4 legged friends who are on vacation there, too." The only thing we can add is we appreciated the beautiful, safe, and caring environment Barky's Bungalow offers.

Tom and Kathy Cahill