About Us

Our Story….

If you're like our family, dogs have a special place in the home….they truly are a special member of the family.

"Maddie" was our firstborn child…..loyal, loving and a very tolerant fixture in our household. When her sisters Lauren, Kaitlyn and Amanda joined the family, she was the first one to welcome them home with a wagging tail and lots of licks and kisses every time. She loved everything about life and was a happy camper just hanging out in her favorite spots or trotting down the street smelling everything in site. In a house full of girls, she was definitely a daddy's girl!

In the summer of 2007, her time with us was over and she went on to a more peaceful and playful place. Through many tears, we have also been able to look back on all the happiness she provided and are grateful for the many wonderful memories she has left with us.

Although it is taking some time to bring another wonderful dog home to be a permanent part of our family, throughout the years, we have welcomed the "dog children" of family and friends to come stay with us while they are away. I cannot tell you how much we've enjoyed the happy, loyal faces of these "kids" and always miss them as they head back to be with their families. Many days have been filled with lots of fun and plenty of laughs and as time has gone on……Barky's Bungalow has evolved.

We hope you know that by entrusting your 4 legged family member(s) to Barky's Bungalow, your pet will be welcomed with lots of love and enjoy being "home away from home".